A new dawn for the Cape Times?


- themediaonline.co.za | 7 days ago

As a Cape Times employee he has witnessed the undisputed abuses described in Alide Dasnois and Chris Whitfield’s book, Paper Tiger, and by Dougie Oakes which have resulted in international opprobrium; the unseemly and threatening behaviour – absolutely without precedent – which brought Independent Media into disrepute; the endless puff pieces; the farcical predictions; the attacks on UCT and Max Price; the support for the brutal  and destructive Fallists  and the tragic way that ended; the evil Tiger Tiger Five campaign; the Fake News vendettas against Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance;  the absurd Newseum claim and the fact that those falsehoods remain on the IOL website – see here and here and here and here;  the hypocrisy of attacks on Alide Dasnois when the best journalism by far in the Cape Times  emanates from GroundUp, which she co-edits, and so on.

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