DA says childrens' home is another Life Esidimeni tragedy waiting to happen

The DA has asked KwaZulu-Natal premier Willies Mchunu to intervene urgently to prevent a repeat of the Life Esidimeni tragedy after 197 children were removed from three children's homes in Ladysmith and Newcastle and taken to various places in the province.

DA MP Alf Lees said officials from the KZN social development department, who were accompanied by armed policemen, arrived unannounced at Morester Children's Home in Ladysmith, Morester Children's Home in Newcastle and Home Meah Newcastle on Friday. "According to reliable sources about the raid on Morester Ladysmith, the officials traumatised children - from a one-month-old baby to a 20-year-old - by storming in and removing them, some forcibly, as they tried to barricade themselves in," said Lees.

He said according to information, the officials weren't equipped with baby seats for the babies and didn't provide documentation as to where the kids were being taken to.

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