ELECTIONS BRIEFS: Why the much-vaunted DA shot blanks


- news24.com | 2 months ago

Two days out from the national election, on May 6, 2019, the DA's "war room" on the third floor of their national headquarters in Bruma, Johannesburg, was abuzz.

Internal numbers showed the party to be in with a fighting chance to keep the ANC below 50% in Gauteng, while at national level things looked cheerful too: the ANC was polling in the low, low 50s and the DA – fearful of losing as much as four percentage points – was polling north of 24%. Campaign manager Jonathan Moakes and campaign chairperson Paul Boughey were giving running orders from their central workstation in the middle of the room, with every section of the campaign – analytics, social media, media, operations, opposition research – feeding data back to the nerve centre.

It seemed like the DA might just manage to pull this one out of the fire, putting to bed an horrendous 18 monts of infighting, uncertainty and litigation.

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