ICASA to tackle Vodacom's R49 'rollover levy'


- all4women.co.za | 11 months ago

ICASA believes the regulations, meant to lower the amount of money consumers pay for data, could be rendered meaningless if people are expected to pay a levy for enjoying these benefits Speaking to African News Agency (ANA) on the sidelines of the meeting, Ngwepe said if Vodacom is found to have undermined the new regulations, Icasa will act.

“If we feel that there is a case for them to answer, there is the complaints and compliance committee which adjudicates all matters related to non-compliance so if our determination is that it raises an issue that needs to be referred, we’ll refer it and then they will then have to defend themselves and the compliance committee will then make a pronouncement. ” MPs accused Vodacom of being disingenuous.

Democratic Alliance MP Cameron Mackenzie said the move would hurt consumers’ pockets and Vodacom needed to be reviewed.

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