Is the DA reforming itself into oblivion? – Final report review

- | 3 weeks ago

There are a couple of striking sentences in the report compiled by a Democratic Alliance panel consisting of Ryan Coetzee, Tony Leon and Michiel le Roux, first published on PoliticsWeb, that was set up to review DA policy.

It is the conclusion that the single most important factor in the dwindling support of the DA in the 2019 elections was “failure of effective leadership” and that the DA has a “serious trust problem among black voters”.   The panel also comes to the conclusion that forming governments with the EFF’s support in Johannesburg and Tshwane was a mistake.

There was also an acknowledgement that Helen Zille’s tweets about colonialism, the fight with Patricia de Lille and the water crisis in Cape Town contributed to damage the “party’s brand and dented its support level.

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