Joburg Ward 58 councillor apportions blame for Fordsburg's dilapidated state

- | 8 months ago

READ: 'In this area, the DA has failed on every metric of good local governance' Democratic Alliance (DA) Ward 58 Councillor Alex Christians, who faces allegations of corruption and bribery, says when charges of this magnitude are brought to light, a disciplinary process is required to provide him an opportunity to relate his version of events.

But in terms of the process of council in terms of Rule 151, the matter has been handed to the ethics committee, we are not allowed to speak on the matter in the media. — Alex Christians, Ward 58 councillor - DA He adds that when it comes to complaints from residents, councillors need to be held accountable.

But when it comes to service delivery, we need to look at who needs to be held accountable and for what.

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