Only 26475 People Voted ANC – That's Not Even One Seat

- | 5 months ago

I said right at the outset, in “New political party in its first election outing“, that: And now we get to 2019, the election that will settle once and for all, whether the ANC actually has ten million votes of its own or not.

I followed this up, in “It’s not all GOOD“, with: The ANC does not have 10-million votes of its own. Nationalism had, before my intervention, 10-million votes of its own; and corruption previously had 5-million votes that it bought, which it doesn’t have now — because I have intervened and corruption doesn’t have anything.

That leaves the one million or so, members and near-members of the ANC; to account for the 16-million votes for the ANC in 2016.

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