PAC urges SA to vote against three big parties, concerned about IEC impartiality

- | 5 months ago

“The PAC struggle was not for democracy but land, and without land we cannot claim to be free,” Nyontso told hundreds of PAC supporters during the party’s final election rally at Centane in the Eastern Cape.

He criticised the African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance, and the Economic Freedom Fighters, saying they spoke the same language because they were funded by the same people “who wanted to see Africans remain oppressed and dependent on their political systems”. Pan Africanist Congress deputy leader Mzwanele Nyontso addressed the party’s final election rally in Centane in the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

Photo: ANA The commissions of inquiry had proven that the ANC was only interested in looting the country and not liberating the people from poverty.

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