Policy, political parties leave SMMEs out in the cold


- citizen.co.za | 7 months ago

The small business community has no confidence in the willingness of the political parties contesting the upcoming elections to create a more conducive environment for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) to thrive and grow, and believes all promises were likely to again be empty.

SMMEs say they had no recourse once they were faced with battles around tax, labour and company compliance, and none of the parties would come to their rescue. Despite the fact the SMMEs represented 40% of all business in South Africa and are seen as the future of the country’s economy, there was an apparent lack of political will by parties to confront the reality that SMMEs were significant players in job creation.

The ANC’s own economic blueprint, the National Development Plan, contains optimistic estimates that said that SMMEs would produce 90% of all new jobs by 2030.

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