South Africa needs a 'bottom-up' approach to BEE, says the DA

- | 8 months ago

South Africa’s black economic empowerment (BEE) model needs to be overhauled with proper measuring tools introduced to keep track of outcomes, the Democratic Alliance said on Saturday.

The party says the governing African National Congress’s “top-down” BEE approach enriched only a small group linked to the ANC, and has been ”captured by the elite” in the party, according to the DA’s 2019 elections manifesto launched at the Rand Stadium in Johannesburg. ”For far too long government’s approach to BEE has been top-down; that is to say government has focused energy on telling business what the end results of meaningful economic redress should look like, using a punitive and confusing points system to achieve these outcomes.

“The problem with this is that there are still many overwhelming challenges to economic redress that is truly broad-based.

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