TOM EATON: Stop messing up the DA with talk of racism

- | 3 weeks ago

The reason voters are leaving the DA and moving to “extreme” minority parties, says former DA panjandrum Douglas Gibson, is “this constant harping on racism, which is making white people tired, very sick of it”.

“It’s not only Afrikaans-speaking white people,” he explained to SAfm’s Stephen Grootes on Tuesday morning. “It’s all of them.

” Seriously, black South Africans! Why are you messing up the DA by endlessly harping on racism when we all know racism doesn’t exist anymore? Why keep dredging up the past when the economic crime of apartheid has been resolved with full and fair compensation to all its victims? Can’t you see how sick and tired we are? Not just the Afrikaans-speaking white people! All of us! As for you critics of the DA, don’t you libtards and snowflakes understand that the moment we all stop talking about race the DA will start growing again? And no, Helen Zille’s tweet about “black privilege” wasn’t about race.

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