'We emphatically reject the approach to Black Economic Empowerment' says the DA


- 702.co.za | 8 months ago

For some time not we have been aware of the Democratic Alliance's rejection of the policy of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and this was confirmed in their election manifesto, which was launched at the rand stadium yesterday.

In their manifesto they say: we emphatically reject the approach to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) as carried out by the ANC, which has only served to enrich a politically connected elite and to dampen economic growth, at the cost of job creation. When combined with the ANC’s plans to expropriate property without compensation, the current government’s B-BBEE plan will only serve to make the pot of economic wealth in our country smaller and more difficult to share.

The party says they will approach BEE by codifying specific metrics which will help signify successful redress, and introduce social protection measures which will provide for all currently disadvantaged South Africans regardless of their, or their families' exposure to past injustice.

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