What plans do our political parties have to restore our economy?


- capetalk.co.za | 11 months ago

Have you decided which political party you will be voting for come general elections in May? Or maybe you are not sure if there is even a reason to vote?Approaching elections, we will be talking to experts in different areas such as economic policy, land redistribution, crime and community safety and the most burning topics for this elections season.

We will be looking at how the three influential political parties in South Africa plan to fix some of the biggest problems which we face as a country. Speaking to Africa on the Weekend Breakfast, professor Jannie Rossouw who is the Head at of School of Economic and Business Sciences at Wits said, it is not easy to distinguish which political party has the best manifesto as the Democratic Alliance is currently in crisis and we do not know what they stand for.

Professor Rossouw said the party is inherently split between Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane's camp, and until such time this inherent dispute is resolved, we will not know what the party stands for.

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